Use Cases

Healthcare Sector

89% of healthcare providers have suffered data breaches in the past two years and 41% of Americans have had their protected health information exposed in the last three years. Healthcare institutions spend an average of $429 per stolen record. Thus, the average healthcare enterprise spends an average of $19 million USD per year on data protection compliance and protection of privacy. Pridatex can eliminate the risk of data breaches and help healthcare enterprises save an average of $14 million USD per year on healthcare compliance.

Use Cases

Sometime between April and May 2020, private customer data of Trinity Health, one of the largest nonprofit healthcare systems in the USA was stolen from the databases of one of its associates, Blackbaud Inc. The stolen private data not only comprised of Personal Identifiable Information (PII), but also linkable data used in Blackbaud’s AI/ML-assisted analytics service targeted for Trinity Health’s marketing and fundraising campaigns. As of November 2020, more than 300,000 Trinity Health customers were estimated to be affected by this breach.

Solution Abstract
In this use case, we explore the conditions that led to this breach including identifying of the “data-in-processing” phase when data privacy is at its most vulnerable, and the damages in terms of financial and litigation losses, regulatory fines, brand name ruin and trust erosion that were incurred by both parties as a result of it. We detail the technical and compliance challenges that both parties continue to face and compare the business cost of complying with data privacy regulations versus the risk of non-compliance. We explain how Pridatex can reduce the business cost of complying with these regulations by 75%, and how businesses can easily implement the Pridatex software tool on their existing infrastructure. Lastly, we extol the benefits of using the Pridatex software tool over the competition in terms of cost savings, data utility retention, computational resources and mathematically provable privacy. 

Finance Sector

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