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Privacy-by-Design in Differential Privacy

We discuss how Differential Privacy, which is used by large companies like Apple, fits within the Privacy-by-Design framework. We analyze and break Differential Privacy down to fit the framework’s 7 principles. Due to the sake of brevity, we could not get too deep into explaining those principles in further detail.

Synthetic Data and Differential Privacy

We briefly introduce and analyze how the field of Synthetic Data measures up with the field of Differential Privacy, as well as discuss hybrid solutions and how Pridatex Differential Privacy takes the best of both fields.

Solutions in Differential Privacy

We explore various solutions in the field of Differential Privacy and compare them to ours with respect to financial value (percent revenue increase, profit increase, etc.) and retained data value.

Introduction to Differential Privacy

Learn about why Differential Privacy, the core of our technology, is important in the modern age.